10 Secret Habits of Pro Goalies: #6 Static Stamina

The 10th secret habit of pro goalies is that they do a pretty BAD job training their static stamina – their cardio training is usually way off-base actually.

Habit #6 – Static Stamina

I put together this hockey goalie specific circuit that will have you staying “oh yeah, that’s how my legs feel at the end of an overtime penalty kill when my team can’t clear the puck”… or it will just make your legs say “OUCH” but in a good goalie sort of way.

If you want to see what kind of cardio training hockey goalies should do, then give this a watch, then put on your workout gear and actually do it!

  • Knee Recovery Lateral Hop ShuffleBack + Low Stance Hold – (10 seconds, 10 second hold, 2 times each side)
  • RVH Hold – (20 second hold each side)
  • Pancake To Feet – (20 seconds)
  • Bottom Half Split Squat – (10 second taps, 10 second hold, 3 times each side)
  • Low Lateral Bound – (3 jumps, 10 second hold, 4 times)

The goal isn’t to make this as hard as possible.  The goal is to teach your body how to still have quality movement under fatigue.  If you’re getting so tired that you’re getting sloppy or standing straight up while doing the drills, then take a 2 min rest in the middle of the workout.  Do this until you improve enough that you can do it all properly without the rest.

Happy training.