10 Secret Habits Of Pro Goalies: #5 Compound Strength

One secret habit pro goalies use is the power of training for compound strength. That means using multiple joints, multiple muscle groups and multiple planes of movement.

Habit #5 – Compound Strength

The best of the best pro level goalies have this element.  They are training off the ice in a way that lets them use it on the ice.  It’s how they use compound movements to train.

A compound movement is where you’re going to generate some force with a prime mover, but also use your stabilizers to translate that force.

I’ll walk you through how hockey goalies make the most of their off-ice workouts – how they build the strength goalies need on the ice. 

  • Lateral Hop to Lateral Raise – 8 each side (3 second stick)
  • Pallof Press With Rotation – 12 each side
  • RVH Recovery With Band
  • Butterfly Recovery With Band – 6-8 each side
  • Opening Step and Row – 8-12 each side

Here’s the link to the exact resistance band kit I use in this video: https://amzn.to/2Q7AjQS

Happy training.