10 Secret Habits Of Pro Goalies: #4 Developing End Range Strength

End Range Strength might not mean anything to you, but if you want to be one of those goalies with Gumby-like flexibility who can then recover to a compact position, then Habit #4 of your 10 Secret Habits of Pro Goalies is for you.

Habit #4 – Developing End Range Strength

Most pro goalies, their grade in this habit would be an F!  They don’t build strength in their outer range of motion.  If you can’t control your range of motion, then you can’t use it.  I’ll give you some examples of exactly how we can test and improve that strength and control in your end range of motion.

  • Passive Range Hold – 15s hold each
  • Knee Cars
  • Hip internal rotation lift off – 3 x 15s hold
  • 90/90 Hip Opener

Those are a few of the ways you can build strength in your end range.  If you want a full blueprint of how it all fits together in to a program.  When you should do it?  How often?  How many should you do?  What goes first?  If you want that exact blueprint program then you can check out Strategic Mobility For Goalies

Happy training.