10/11 Live Q&A – Home Equipment, Injury Recovery, & Post-Game Recovery

Hey guys! Sarah here with this weeks live Q&A! If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Goalie Q&A on 10-11-2018, I have the video for you right here:


And in case you don’t have time to watch the whole video, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find them in the video:

Introduction | 00:00-01:33
Can you attach links for some of the equipment you use? | 01:33-04:27
Do you have exercises to help strengthen my wrist? | 04:27-07:20
T-Pushes cause my knees to feel some pain, is this because I have weak knees? | 07:20-09:35
When is the best time to stack the pads? | 09:35-10:07
I’ve had knee problems for a long time and tried everything, do you have any suggestions? | 11:05-17:32
Getting back into goal after a long break, can you look at my old training routine and tell me what you think? | 17:32-19:07
What type of exercise equipment should I buy to help train off-ice drills with my 10-year-old son? | 19:07-20:57
Are you a hockey goalie or just a trainer? | 20:57-21:35
Is it possible to build hand-eye coordination disbalance? | 21:35-22:17
What do you recommend to do after the ice? | 22:17-23:00
Where can I buy your merchandise? | 23:12-25:25
Do you know anything about cryotherapy? Do you think it is beneficial? | 25:25-26:25
Is your post-game recovery routine still beneficial if I wait until I get home to do it? | 26:45-28:14
My son dislocated his patella, do you know of a knee brace that would help bring comfort to his knee? | 28:43-30:50
Do you have a program to train for a marathon? | 30:50-32:13
Is hockey specific yoga an acceptable supplemental activity to add to the in-season training as a component of recovery | 32:13-34:47
Do you have suggestions of what I can add to your training program that will improve endurance? Do you also have suggestions for nutrition books? | 34:47-38:28
I get bad anxiety before and during games, how can I boost my confidence and try to focus more? | 38:28-41:35
Should I never do a leg day the day of a practice/game? | 41:40-43:08
I get a very sharp pain in my IT band, do you have any advice? | 43:26-46:45
Recently broke my ankle and tore a ligament, how long will my recovery be? And is there anything I should do a physio to help? | 46:45-47:58
Best way to improve flexibility having torn a hip labrum? | 47:58-48:55
Do you have any variations of the bear crawl or similar exercises for core? | 48:55-50:00
Outro | 50:00-51:49
Hope you enjoy! Happy training! – Sarah