#1 Skill Hockey Goalies Need To Learn

In case you missed it, I posted a brand new video for you the other day.  In the video I lay out the #1 skill every hockey goalie needs to learn (regardless of your age and your level).

Even if you already think you are pretty good – watch the video and try some of the progressions I show you.  Be picky – even video yourself and see if you can execute them all perfectly; 90% of you will not.

Even 90% of the pros I meet cannot do them perfectly; so that will become your starting point.

Here’s the skill and how to improve it:

Remember, be picky with yourself.  Speed is about efficiency, using the right muscles with the right magnitude with the right direction of application.

Happy training speedster!

PS – when people ask “why goalies” as in ‘why would you make your life’s work helping hockey goalies?  They think I am crazy… and I think they are crazy, because who wouldn’t love to get emails like this every week…

Entering the season, I have never felt more confident about my ability to perform at my highest level in the crease. Thanks to these programs, I feel that my body is in top shape and is allowing me to make acrobatic saves without having to worry about tweaking anything. This past weekend we beat the #5 team in the nation 2-1 in OT in a shocking victory and the first thing I thought of was my preparation from these programs. So I just want to thank you for everything that you do not only for me but i’m sure for plenty of other goalies across the country! Thanks.

Chicago Fury, AAA

Here’s the program he has been using >>