08-22-2019 Live Q&A – Off-Ice Training, Programs & Training for Minors & Post Surgery Tips

Hey guys! Sky is here with this week’s live Q&A! If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Goalie Q&A on 22nd of August I have the video for you right here:


And in case you don’t have time to watch the whole video, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find them in the video:

Intro | 00:00 – 03:02

I’m a inline and ice goalie from Australia I’m currently coaching goalies at a state level for nationals this year and wanting some help to put together an off rink warm up and training program to run for goalies mainly focusing on dynamic movements and hand eye coordination as well as puck tracking to help my goalies out and any help or tips you can provide would be an amazing help | 03:02 – 04:57

I’ve been trying to come up with some drills that maybe challenge the traditional static stretch idea for goalies when they hit the ice but I would definitely love your feedback… Most of my training is with on-ice mobility, and I’ve been gravitating toward more of a power-lifting workout program (shared training file online) | 04:57 – 06:28

Are you going to be with Carey price in Summerland next year? | 06:28 – 06:42

I blew my knee out in December. Was back playing 9 weeks later. Have been pain free since June. Play on 3 adult teams. I’ve been told that a healed MCL is stronger than before and I’ve also been told it will always be susceptible to reinjury, what is your take on this in general? | 06:42 – 10:00

Do you know any resources for coaches or members or programs just for coaches? | 11:03 – 14:15

I have a 13.5 yr old goalie (minor bantam) who trains with Jason VanSprosen. We have downloaded the Butterfly Challenge and Mobility programs previously and my son enjoyed doing the exercises. Just wondering if the ShutOut Academy is a good option for him. Also, can you give me some examples of speed exercises to do for during the season? We just watched your latest video about what to do for in season training and your mentioned completing 2 x’s speed workouts per week that you can pair with your strength training. I was wondering if HIIT training would work for speed? Hill sprints on the treadmill for 1 min with 30 sec rest periods? | 14:15 – 18:34

Do I continue to do my off season training throughout try-outs? My Jr. and AAA try-outs are starting next week and I still have 2 weeks left on my offseason training program. I am just wondering what I should do, and should I train on a try-out day? | 18:34 – 20:14

I struggle with the second shot recovery while in the butterfly, especially the lateral push. The push isn’t strong enough and I don’t get to the puck fast enough. Any suggestions for off or on ice drills to help this? | 20:14 – 21:25

I’m wondering if after a knee replacement if I should play at all | 21:25 – 23:02

I am looking for on and off ice training for post labrum replacement surgery. I am 4 months post-surgery | 23:02 – 23:48

I have this program and I would like to know can I do the mobility stretches and other work every day. I need to get wider as I’m really tight. Also any other suggestions? | 23:48 – 25:31

I was diagnosed with a bad groin strain, they said ‘take time off!’. What is a best way or a proper way to stretch and warm up my inner groin to not have this happen again? | 25:24 – 28:13

What are the good goalie exercises for the lower back area? Also what about using ‘the frog fitness machine’? | 28:52 – 32:45

When can I enrol to ShutOut Academy? I joined the waitlist | 35:31 – 35:47


How would I get the training without going to the camp? Would I just get some stuff online? | 36:03 – 37:40

Outro | 37:40 – 39:39


Hope you enjoy! Happy training! – Sky