08-15-2019 Live Q&A – Post Surgery Training, Techniques & General Tips

Hey guys! Sky is here with this week’s live Q&A! If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Goalie Q&A on 15th of August I have the video for you right here:


And in case you don’t have time to watch the whole video, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find them in the video:

Intro | 00:00 – 03:07

Regarding Butterfly Challenge for a female hockey goalie in Sweden: I have FAI with cam and pincer on my left hip. Is it bad for me to do this then? | 03:07 – 04:40

I am coming off of two FAI hip surgeries and trying to get strength and mobility back after not being able to pay the last 3 years. I have lost significant flexibility and am trying to safely increase my lateral range and widen my butterfly without putting too much stress on my hips too early, was just curious if you had any tips on how to ease myself back in and where to start? | 04:40 – 07:22

My dad is looking at coming back playing again, it’s been 4 years. He’s more ‘old school’ type goalie, what would be a good start to get his body ready? | 07:22 – 09:40

I can Butterfly slide from left to right with total ease, but really struggle with right to left. My left skate blade catches abruptly, which even causes pain.
Tips on resolving this? Any off-ice tips? | 10:21 – 13:39

You’ve been wonderful in helping me support my son with his Osgood–Schlatter, but I have another question. Any advice with him getting back on the ice after having recovered from a buckle fracture in his wrist (blocker)? | 13:39 – 15:08

What is Butterfly Challenge? | 15:55 – 16:14

In the back to belly to stand up – how can we improve the movement? I find it very hard to go back to the knees so I can go up. | 16:24 – 16:54

Been following you for a long while. Thank you for all your help. I run @beerleaguechannel if you could give one piece of advice to beer leaguers what would it be? | 17:16 – 20:49

So off-ice flexibility and mobility. Would it change if you were giving the one piece of advice to skaters instead of goalies?| 20:49 – 21:55

Is there an age group for ShutOut Academy in season? | 22:08 – 24:22

Why does your strength training 3 or 4 reps, but when I’m looking at things like others like Goal CrossFit do 100s of reps. Why? | 24:42 – 27:49

I have a good hip mobility but I often feel the popping feeling at the end of my range of motion. My physiotherapist said it’s unlikely to be FAI. Do you know what could be the cause? | 27:49 – 29:20

I have a 10 year old goalie who is using puck battle domination for off-ice. Is there anything else you recommend for young goalies to improve conditioning, flexibility, and mobility? | 29:43 – 32:33

How long would it take to do full splits before the season starts? | 32:33 – 35:26

How can I sort out my hips? They’re killing me | 35:26 – 36:00

Outro | 36:00 – 40:35

Hope you enjoy! Happy training! – Sky