07-30-2020 Live Q&A – Synthetic Ice Talk And More!

Hey guys, Kevin here with Maria’s Facebook Live Q&A incase you missed it!

If you don’t have time to watch the full video, here’s the times we talked about each specific topic below:

3:57 – What are good back exercises to do?

4:47 – CAN-ICE —How to you like it so far?

9:20 – What are the best ways to train your legs?

10:10 – Does synthetic ice wear down your skate sharpening quicker?

12:39 – Is it possible to do a clean with resistance bands?

15:50 – Bantam A vs Bantam AAA – What is the difference?

17:28 – Stamina conditioning to go along with Strategic Mobility For Goalies?

19:48 – What shoes does Maria wear in her videos?

23:48 – My calves get really tight when I run

25:20 – Knee pain when doing butterfly drills.

Thanks for tuning in to hear all of Maria’s great advice!