06/27 Live Q&A – Wrist Strength, Training Programs, & Confidence

Hey guys! Sarah here with this weeks live Q&A! If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Goalie Q&A on 06-20-2019, I have the video for you right here:


And in case you don’t have time to watch the whole video, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find them in the video:

Introduction | 00:00-01:50
After moving to a bigger glove, my son’s wrist hurts. Do we need to strengthen his wrist? | 01:50-05:01
What training do you recommend for a starting goalie at 15? | 05:01-08:37
I have a coaching call with you, what should I do to prepare? | 08:36-09:21
I have Ultimate Goalie Training, should I stick with that program or purchase a more recent one? | 09:30-11:12
I am an inline goalie, do you have any exercises that can help make transitions easier? | 11:12-11:48
Does the Shutout Academy open for enrollment again in August? | 13:11-15:23
I am having trouble with my Butterfly as it is uncomfortable, what should I do? | 15:23-16:32
What is the proper technique to recover from your knees on the ice? | 17:10-18:35
How do you feel about doing off-ice training with pads on? | 18:35-19:49
What training should I do in the off-season to improve my skills? | 19:49-22:54
Sometimes I feel very confident and other times not, do you have any advice? | 22:54-24:44
Where do you put the links that you talk about in these videos? | 24:44-25:04
Outro | 25:04-27:43
Hope you enjoy! Happy training! – Sarah