06-25-2020 Live Q&A – Pool Training For Goalies?

Hey guys, Kevin here with Maria’s Facebook Live Q&A incase you missed it.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video, here’s the times we talked about each specific topic below

7:40 – How do you not flinch?

10:15 – Blocker arm getting fatigued.

13:45 – Pool training for goalies?

18:00 – Fine tuning hand positioning

19:20 – Are chest workouts good for a goalie?

21:30 – What warm up can I do before I get on the ice?

22:30 – Is a slideboard a good tool for young goalies?

24:58 – Do you need goalie skates to play goalie?

26:55 – What do you think about box jumps?

30:56 – Training for blind hockey goalies

33:38 – Have you seen a floor ball goalie before?

38:19 – Returning from FAI surgery – Timeline

40:10 – What process did Maria go through to train goalies at this level?

42:07 – What stretches should I be doing after a flukey stretched out save?

43:05 – What country is developing the best goalies right now?

45:50 – Shutout Academy question – Do the current month of training

47:10 – Thoughts on Warrior Pads?

50:35 – Struggling with some knee pain on the ice

Thanks for tuning in to hear all of Maria’s great advice!