05/03 Live Q&A – Knee injuries, goalie flexibility, & cardio

Hey guys! Sarah here with this weeks live Q&A! If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Goalie Q&A on 04-27-2018, I have the video for you right here:


And in case you don’t have time to watch the whole video, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find them in the video:

Introduction | 00:00-01:48
Weird injury advice – Maybe damaged meniscus | 01:48-05:19
Sprained ankle and PT isn’t taking recovery as seriously | 05:19-07:52
Hard time moving my hands up and down while in goalie stance | 07:52-11:20
Pain on underneath of knee | 11:20-12:56
Demonstration/pictures of knee stacks | 12:56-14:25
Can close 5-hole in sneakers but not when in skates | 14:25-16:50
Noticing a drop in hip flexibility | 16:50-19:19
I can do SMR and stretching in the same day? | 19:19-20:10
Off-season workouts for leg strength | 20:10-21:36
Where to begin to be more committed to training? | 21:36-23:20
Stiffness in lower back – advice to loosen it? | 23:20-25:44
Best off season workouts? Are kettlebells good to use? | 25:44-27:20
Fishbowl story & Instagram messages | 27:20-29:14
What can I do for stronger hips to push better? | 28:27-30:45
Where can I buy pad inserts? | 30:45-31:30
Advice to lose weight and get in shape in one month | 31:30-34:15
More Instagram | 34:15-35:20
Hand-eye coordination drills for 6 year old | 35:20-37:07
Outro | 37:07-37:47

Hope you enjoy! Happy training! – Sarah