03-20-23 Live Q&A – Last of the “Euro edition” from Innsbruck, Austria

Hi Everyone!  It’s Bonnie here from the Goalie Training Pro team here to share the last of the “Euro edition” of Maria’s Live Q&A.  We’ll be back to our regular scheduled Live Q&A date next Thursday March 30th at 2pm!


If you don’t have time to watch the full video, here are the times we talked about each specific question:

0:45:  Can you help advise why I have pain in feet/soles and into knees while in a flexed position?

3:28:  My season has ended, how much time should I take off?

4:52:  Repeated serious hamstring injuries.  What can I do to help flexibility and explosiveness?

6:45:  How do I deal with my team who constantly lets backdoor goals in?

7:59:  Are hang cleans or power cleans better for a goalie?

9:16:  Is Murray taking the night off? 🙂

10:35: Do you have advice on how to stop feet from cramping?

12:59:  What do you think of Kasimir Kaskisuo’s training?

14:53:  How do you speed up hand/eye coordination?

15:35:  What do you think are the three best off ice exercises for goalies?

16:20:  Do you have tips to impress coaches in tryouts?  See: Goalie Training Pro TV Ep 32 – Tips for Tryouts and Training Camp and what are the best skating drills and stretches for an on ice warmup.  See: On Ice GOALIE Warm Up | How To

19:37:  Which Bauer goalie blocker to buy?

21:37:  How to set up off season training when no breaks going from one league to another and back to original league?

23:21:  CCM glove and whether it provides good wrist mobility?

23:48:  Is there a way to purchase GTP swag?

24:53:  What do you think of BB complex deadlift, bentover row, front squat and overhead press?

Thanks for tuning in and hope you enjoyed all of Maria’s goodness! If you have any questions for Maria, send them to help(at) goalietrainingpro.com and she’ll get them all answered!