03-12-2020 Live Q&A – What To Do After Your Season Ends

Hey guys, Kevin here with Maria’s Facebook Live Q&A incase you missed it.

2:27 – Strategic Mobility For Goalies, when should I be doing it?

4:36 – What to do with my training once the season finishes?

6:19 – How to get my 39 yr old body back into shape?

8:55 – Progressing on training maturity

10:08 – I want to be able to do the Bobrovsky

13:20 – Do you need to warmup before mobility training?

14:27 – Anyway to help my joints?  They keep popping

18:32 – Do you have any videos of how to do the Butterfly?

20:12 – Does your groin warmup video also apply to abductor strains?

22:54 – What to do if you just strained your groin!

28:09 – Do you think colour really matters when it comes to pads?

30:36 – What’s next for a 65 yr old guy getting back into hockey after 10 yrs off? ()

33:48 – Can toe ties contribute to ankle and knee injuries?

37:30 – Help for really tight hamstrings?

41:47 – How are you liking your Warriors?

44:32 – What is the butterfly Challenge?

45:25 – Is it okay to use my Bivi Vibration Ball in Strategic Mobility For Goalies Program?

45:49 – I’m looking for off-ice training for my young goalies? (Puck Battle Domination)

47:55 – What is a good pre-game warmup?

48:40 – Any stretches to build up your leg strength?

52:52 – How do I get faster in the crease for breakaways?

56:50 – How do you train to be a goalie if you’re a semi professional runner?

Thanks for tuning in to hear all of Maria’s great advice!