01/12 Live Q&A – Fitness Trainer Advice, Young Goalies, & High Groin Strain

Hey guys! Sarah here with this weeks live Q&A – from NEW YORK!! If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Goalie Q&A on 01-12-2018, I have the video for you right here: 


And in case you don’t have time to watch the whole video, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find them in the video:

Introduction | 00:00-03:52
42 Save Shutout! | 03:52-04:35
Do I Take New Goalie Private Training Clients? | 04:35-06:38
Advice to Become a Fitness Trainer | 06:38-12:18
Stretches for Goalie Who Need More Flexibility | 12:18-13:25
More Advice to Become a Fitness Trainer | 13:25-14:35
9 Year Old Having Trouble Getting Up From Butterfly | 14:35-18:20
How Can Goalies Who Carry More Weight Get Better? | 18:20-20:32
Off-Season or In-Season Training for Pick-Up Players | 20:32-22:15
More Advice for Goalies with Extra Weight | 22:15-26:00
Sore Knee Advice | 26:00-26:13
Exercise for Speed & Strength in the Crease | 26:13-26:40
Exercises for High Groin/Low Ab Strain | 26:40-27:58
List Of What You Need to be a Goalie | 27:58-29:00
Outro | 29:00-31:35

Hope you enjoy! Happy training! – Sarah