Goalie Specific Training

You aren’t getting just a ‘workout’, you are getting a goalie specific training blueprint. It’s not the same training the skaters on your team do and it isn’t a bunch of circus tricks that have you balancing on a stability ball and squatting.

Anywhere In The World

Regardless of where in the world you live, you can tap into the same quality training elite and pro goalies use. If you have an internet connection and have the motivation to actually become a better goalie, then you are right for these programs.

Money Back Guarantee

If in the first 60-days want your money back for the Shutout Academy – for ANY reason at all, I will give you ALL your money back. No problem, no questions asked. There is no fine print, that is the scoop.

The Shutout Academy

You know that doing the same thing as the skaters isn’t what you need right? Maybe you don’t know that for sure, but you have suspicions.  Your movement patterns are different, more lateral emphasis. You have to be lightning fast moving from your knees to your skates. You need to focus, use your hands, read the puck off the stick and you are the last line of defense that dictates whether your team wins or loses. Oh yeah and your hips and knees take a constant beating.

The Shutout Academy is the answer. It is a step-by-step blueprint that develops your goalie mobility, strength, speed and stamina (that’s what the MS3 system is all about) but also helps safeguard your hips from season ending, career threatening, debilitating hip injuries.


Turning Pro Coaching

This is for goalies who are looking for that straight line to success. If you are a goalie who needs to:

  • Build on your strengths

  • Minimize your weaknesses

  • Address your specific injuries

  • Adjust to your schedule

  • Account for available training space


If you are looking for Ultimate Goalie Training 3.0, InSeason Goalie Solution or Rapid Response Goalie Training, those programs are now only available seasonally. Members of my list will always know first when they are open for enrolment.

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