This is better for your abs than crunches.

As promised, today I am sharing with you the exercise that gets 5-10 times more rectus abdominus (six pack muscles) activation with less stress on your spine when compared to the old school crunch. It is tough – click below to see the video:

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How many hockey players are making this core training mistake.

Paul & I were lucky enough to be in Toronto over the weekend – unfortunately the Leafs were in Montreal (losing again) so we did not get to see a hockey game. I attended a great course on spinal stability with Dr. Stuart McGill. I know most of you are thinking that sounds about a stimulating as watching paint dry, but for a geek like me – that is the sort of thing that gives me goosebumps!

I learned a ton over the weekend and I hope I don’t bore you by bombarding you with facts about core training over the next little while. Check out the video (by following the ‘Read More’ link) to learn about an exercise that lots of hockey players (and trainers) still use thinking they are building core strength (or a six pack) which only actually gives about 10-20% activation of the rectus abdominus and puts some extra wear and tear on the lower back.

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Thanks all!

Quick post today to say thanks and answer a couple questions…

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It’s LIVE! Rapid Response Goalie Training

This has been in the works since August and now it is finally ready to go! Go get it right now if you would like to save $30 ( if you would rather not save $30, then wait a few hours!) Get it here – (you may need to cut and paste this url into your browser)


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Save $30 and why hockey players should do chin ups.

I had a question posted over at the blog in response to my post last week on “How Hockey Players Can Dominate Chin-ups”. He asked how chin-ups could help a hockey player. Good question – I posted a little video to explain my thought process – you can check it out by following the link below.

Also, remember that the Rapid Response Goalie Training system goes on sale Tuesday, November 16th and I am giving you $30 off the base price, so for a limited time you can get it for only $67 before the price goes up to $97. As soon as it goes on sale Tuesday morning (and it will be early because I start training clients at 6am ET) I will post the link over at

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How hockey players can dominate chin-ups.

For some of us, chin ups are a total frustration. We are left there swinging from the bar, pulling with all our might, huffing and puffing, but going no where. Today I want to share with you a few strategies that I have used in the past to double the number of chin ups that I can do. Check out the video and try some of the techniques.

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My new baby!

Tell me, do you think a dryland goalie training program that you can complete twice per week with no workout lasting longer than 40-minutes could help you be the goalie you want to be? Could it help you move toward the goalie you want to be? Would it be better than what you are doing now – nothing? Would it be better than what you are doing now – going to the gym and working out on machines?

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The 3 pieces of equipment any hockey player needs to train at home.

I had a good email question last week from one of you who was wondering what equipment he would need to do workouts at home to help with his hockey – he was a right wing. I like getting this question because it does not take much to set up your own home gym and all for the cost of about 3 months membership at the local gym. So here was my reply to him with the three essential pieces of equipment for a home gym.

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Big things come in small packages.

Goalies often sell themselves short, believing that if they do not have an hour or more everyday to train, that it is not really worth the bother doing less. Nothing could be farther from the truth based on my experience. Let’s say an NHL goalie does off-ice training for 2 hours per day, five days per week in the off-season. Assuming they are doing the right type of training, let’s say that gives them 100% improvement.

Using the same logic, does it make sense that if you trained 2-4 times per week for a maximum of 40-minutes per session (some workouts will only be 15-20 minutes long) that you could improve your on-ice performance by 15-20%? Would any of you like to be 15-20% better?

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Success or Failure – chose one.

Let’s go back to Kindergarten right now and put on our imagination. Imagine your goaltending career, and I don’t care in any way if that career is AA, NHL or OBBL (old boys beer league), just picture your career. Now imagine that you come to a fork in the road and the sign showing two options – either success or failure. Which will you chose?

Do you believe that you are as good a goalie as you can be? More importantly are you as good a goalie as you want to be? I doubt it – I don’t think you would be reading this blog if you were answering “Yes” to both of these questions.

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