Eat like a hockey player, not a super model.

With the off-season knocking on the door for most of you, or maybe even pounding on the door for some of you I am getting ready to hit the most busy time in the Revolution Studio running.

I am anticipating the needs of the hockey players who will be training five days per week with me from May to thru mid-August and I know the top three things they will be looking for.

1. Size
2. Strength
3. Speed

As I write this it occurs to me that each one should be a separate article – gotta put that on my ‘to do’ list. Today we are going to deal with the size question as it relates to nutrition.

You see, some players do not need more size, what they need is more useable strength. But many of the minor hockey and junior hockey players I train over the summer actually do need more size in order to compete more effective and with greater durability.

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Dryland Goalie Training Q&A – part 3

I told you the Q&A got outta hand this week, so to wrap up this first week of spring I am sending out the third and final installment of your Q&A. If you missed Part One and Part Two, just click on the links to check them out. I will get back on track with my planned posts starting tomorrow. But for now – here are the answers to the rest of your dryland goalie training questions. In this episode I answer:

– What strength, speed, flexibility and coordination exercises you should do during the off-season?
– Is the UGT 2.0 too much of a dryland program for a 35 year old goalie?
– Can you regain the flexibility you had in your teens once you get into your 40’s

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Off-Ice Goalie Training Q&A – part two

As promised, here is the second part (of three) of my off-ice goalie training Q&A session that got out of hand. Lots of questions came in while I was out of town for the last few weeks – you can read about that here if you wish.

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Goalie Specific Training Q&A – part one

I received a lot of questions while I was away so I stockpiled them for a goalie specific training Q&A video – the video turned out to be 15-minutes long, so I have split it into three parts – here is part one…

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Tuukka Rask – I’m saying Meniscus

Greetings from the Edinburgh airport – Paul and I are waiting for our flight to Belfast which will leave in a few hours. I actually have no problem waiting in…

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Kevin Neeld Spills the Beans on Hip Impingement

Hope you are all having a great week, as you know Paul and I are in the UK doing some backpacking. We saved up for five years to go on…

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Protect your shoulder during reaching saves.

For today’s exercise tip for goalies, I am answering a great question that I got on Twiter – you can follow me – @GoalieTraining. This is a great way to ask a quick question and this one is courtesy of @MsConduct10 (does that mean there are 9 other MsConducts?)

So, the question was about the awkward position when a goalie is making a reaching save with the arm outstretched in front of their body. This is a pretty biomechanically weak position and a vulnerable position for the triceps and the lats. With the triceps being the weaker of there is a risk

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Cardio Training for Goalies

Over the last 4 days I have had three questions about cardio training for goalies, so it was a bit of a no brainer what I should write about today. The questions I get about cardio training are similar but different; here are the ones I will cover today…

Should I do some cardio training before I start an off-ice program like Ultimate Goalie Training 2.0 just to drop a few pounds and get a base?
Should I do long slow cardio?
What type of cardio should I do sprints or long slow distance?

I did touch on the topic last week during the Q&A, but since I have had several questions since that post went out, I guess I need to give it a little more detail. So here we go…

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An experiment in techno-wizardry & forearm strength for goalies

Hope your week is off to a great start so far. As I mentioned in the title of this post, this is a bit of an experiment in techno-wizardry. As…

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Off-Ice Goalie Training Q&A – Part 2

As promised, here is part two of the Q&A. I posted the first part of this goalie training Q&A earlier this week and although I thought it was a pretty quick Q&A, it turned out the be 12-minutes. Well, I know that most of you have other things to do – like train for hockey – and asking you to sit down and watch a 12-minute goalie training video is quite a bit to ask on a Monday. So, I split it in two and here is the second part (then read the bottom of the post for a wicked tech tip).

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