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My passion is helping goalies win more games with fewer injuries regardless of their age or level of play.   The MISSION is to help 10 of you get to the NHL and see 4 of you hoist the Stanley Cup by 2025; we call it Mission 10-4.

Yes, that is a big-hairy-audacious-goal but I believe in you and know that a motivated goalie with the minimum requirements of talent can get there and I also know that motivated goalies will find their way to this page and join MISSION 10-4.

The goal is:

  • More heart stopping saves
  • More underdog champions
  • The next generation of blue paint heros

As you will see when you start following these training systems, the approach is unique.  It’s called the MS3 method and it all starts with mobility (which the key combination of stability and flexibility).  That is where it all starts, that is where you build your centre of power.

I developed this method during her 5 years working as the exercise specialist at the renowned Fowler Kenned Sport Medicine Clinic.  Athletes would complete their rehab and find that they returned to sport stronger and faster than before the injury as a result of the MS3 method.  In fact, they didn’t want to get discharged from physio so they could continue their ‘training’.

You will see for yourself – just make sure you actually do the exercises.  Don’t just consume the information, that will not make you a better goalie.  You will succeed in becoming a better educated average goalie.

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