NEW Goalie Flow: The Ninja Flow

You should see the looks I get as I am rolling around the turf area at RevCon these days. The athletes we train are used to it, but there is also a physio who works with us (his name is Brian – or Bri-Guy as I like to call him) and his patients are probably…

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The CP Lower Body Injury

Carey Price’s lower body injury… I honestly have no idea what Carey Price’s injury is or how he sustained it. And I won’t be so bold as to suggest that all injuries are preventable; in hindsight that may be the case, but not in real-time. Sometimes s#@t happens… Let’s hope he gets back on track…

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the secret to Carey Price’s balance and power??

goalie training talk with Thomas Magnusson

So this is the final “2-minutes with…” video from the Network Goaltending Symposium and it is with the godfather of Swedish Goaltending Development, Thomas Magnusson. He let me in on something he thought might explain how Carey Price is so balanced and powerful on the ice – and it made sense. In fact, it was…

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