Goalie Specific Off-Ice Training vs. Pop Culture

I get this question in several versions a few times per month – or I get arguments from certain members on some message boards telling me (based on their experience) how CrossFit or those videos you can by in the “As Seen On TV” stores are the best, most insane, awesomest ways for a goalie to train. PERIOD. Much of this stems from this CrossFit video I posted a few weeks ago that is scary! And by scary, I mean SCARY!!

Now, I can appreciate that some of you may just love doing CrossFit or the Rippem Shred’em 560Z workout. I am not here to debate your preferences. I have run 3 marathons and some would argue that this is not healthy for the body. Heck…you guys stand in front of hard rubber pucks that people fire at your head – not really the best for your health maybe. So if you love it – then love it…but please do not call it goalie specific training. It is fitness training – extreme fitness training at that, but it is not goalie specific training.

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