The Elite Goalies Were Missing This (you are too)

The ELITE Goalies Were Missing This (you are too)

in season goalie trainingI am always happy to help out other passionate coaches, so I try to get out to as many goaltending camps as I can over the summer to run sessions and meet new coaches.

I had a great Buffalo this summer when I worked with the Sabres prospects at their Development Camp.  These guys are the cream of the crop and it was a great opportunity to meet goalies from Canada, the US and Europe.

Although all of these goalies are playing at a very high level, guess where they had the most trouble or the most questions?  It was with dynamic hip stability and dynamic warm up.

Dynamic warm-up was another area that was seriously lacking at another camp I attended this summer, so I thought it was worth a review.

I have posted on the topic before, but let me try to draw it all together for you in one place…

You will take the following steps…

  • Get to the rink
  • Self myofascial release – foam roll, lacrosse ball, The Stick, whatever – here is a detailed video showing you How To Foam Roll
  • Do your static stretch circuit – yes, static stretching is fine – I explained why HERE –   Click this link and I will show you some stretches to do before hockey
  • Here is the KEY step – – do THIS dynamic warm up for goalies
  • Get out on the ice as soon after your dynamic warm up as you can

I think the reason it probably gives some of you trouble is that it is almost too simple.  There is no magic, but it will make a huge impact on your performance on the ice  – especially in the first 10-minutes of any game or practice.

Don’t make the mistake of making it a ‘sometimes’ event – make sure you do it every single time you step on the ice – make it your routine.

Have a great day – choose to make it awesome – you are WAY too cool to settle for average 🙂


PS – practice this warm-up routine a few times at home (like today and tomorrow) and then later in the week try it before you skate and let me know how you feel.

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