Pro Goalie Movements – part 3

What’s shakin’ today – – you know what, I don’t really have time right now to explain exactly why the SL Squat Jump is the third of the three pro goalie movement patterns you must master, our HockeySTRONG program starts in the gym on Monday and I have about a million things to get done before then.

But…I did explain it all in this video:

  • why it’s important
  • how it makes you faster in the crease
  • how to do it wrong and why that is bad
  • an easy to follow progression, so you can build up to it

If you cannot see the video above because you have been eating too much peanut butter,
just click the link below…

So there you go – these are the three pro goalie movement patterns you must master, some are hard, some are easy, but all will make you a better puckstopper.

If you missed the other two you can get them here > pro goalie pattern #1, pro goalie pattern #2

That’s it that’s all.

PS – Just did a FB Live talking about what is good and bad equipment for your off-season training – you can check it out >> HERE

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