The 7 Deadly Sins of Off-Ice Training

Hey Gang,

Today I want to share with you the 7 Deadly Sins of Off-Ice Training, well maybe they aren’t deadly, but don’t do them anyway.  So without further delay, here they are:

Sin #1 – You have a ‘chest’ day

Sin #2 – You confuse power training with conditioning

Sin #3 – You train on machines

Sin #4 – You skip breakfast

Sin #5 -You ride the bike for conditioning

Sin #6 – You don’t follow a strategic hockey training program

Sin #7 – You are still looking for the ‘secret’

Check out the video below to find out more (sorry I say “Um” way too much in this video and it takes about 8 seconds for the audio to kick in)…


PS – if you still haven’t got your copy of the Ultimate Goalie Training System or the HockeyStrong Training system for skaters – now is the time to check it out.