Here’s when you need to do more…


Had a question about how much is enough off-ice training.

The goalie who asked the question is in high school and gets up at 5am to do his goalie specific workout. When he comes home after school, he does not have any training to do, but worries that other goalies are getting ahead.

Should he be doing more training after school and what should he do?

As I explain in the video, the answer is “Yes” and “No”.

Totally fine to spend 15-30 minutes working on puck handling, juggling or mobility – elements that are skill related or recovery related. It would be a big mistake to add in extra workouts, out of fear of what ‘others’ might be doing.

It is normal to feel that way and you can still use that feeling of another goalie doing something better than you. Think of that the next time you are heading to the fridge for a pop or when you decide on the chicken nuggets and fries for lunch or when you skip breakfast because you don’t want to get up 10-minutes earlier.

Think about that goalie who, like you, is doing all the right training but they are also eating properly and getting enough sleep. Fill in those gaps before you start adding in extra ‘work’.