EOTW: How to make this off-ice goalie drill better

The start of another week – boy is the summer flying by or what?  This week I will be traveling again to Gilles Bouvier’s Elite Goaltending camp in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Sasky is the only province west of Nova Scotia that I have not visited, so I am looking forward to checking it out while I will have the opportunity to work with some motivated goalies!

Over the weekend I hosted a group from Steve McKichan’s Future Pro mini-camp at the Revolution Studio for a Saturday morning workout, they did a great job and it was nice to meet lots of the goalies that I have only met on the GoalieStore.com bulletin board.

Sunday, I turned on the TV in time to see Team RevCon athlete Damian Warner capture a bronze medal in the Decathlon at the World Track & Field Championships in Moscow, Russia.

Damian had to battle to get on the podium, a great improvement from his amazing 5th place finish at the Olympic Games last summer.  Damian has an amazing team of coaches, therapists who work with him – I get to ride along as his strength coach, but what I think gives Damian the ability to succeed when the pressure is on, is his ability to trust in his training and push his body beyond what he even expected was possible.

Amazing accomplishment for a great guy – – already looking forward to the Rio Olympic Games!

EOTW: How to make your ‘V’ drill better

A few weeks ago when I stopped in at Jon Elkin’s goalie camp I met up with my friend and pro goalie Michael Ouzas.  I was asking Michael about some of my off-ice drills and how to make them better based on his on-ice expertise.

You know that my goal is never to exactly mimic your movements on the ice, but rather to build the elements of stability, strength, speed and stamina you need on the ice.  I think this video give some good pointers though for what you can think about as you go through it off the ice to help make it transfer back onto the ice.

So check out the video below to see how Michael Makes It Better…

If you cannot play the video using the player above, simply click on the URL below:


Have a great day!

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